High Street Shops

Is the High Street Experiencing its Epilogue?

Brick-and-mortar retailers on the UK’s high street are suffering. Like a ghost town, thousands of physical locations have been left barren. However, with the right set of adaptations, stores are not doomed in the UK or abroad. Here’s why.

What DudePerfect Teaches Us re Store Specification

What Can Dude Perfect Teach Us About Store Specification?

Store specification through clustering is key in creating optimal service strategies across varying demographic populations. Check out today’s blog post to learn how YouTube sensation Dude Perfect can teach us how to do clustering well.

Retail Differentiation

Sifting Through Retail Differentiation in a Highly Competitive Retail Sandbox

Brand differentiation for brick-and-mortar retailing is transforming. Historically, retailers piecemealed a variation of price, service, assortment and aesthetics to stand out. However, thriving retailers must capitalize on all these things. But how?

Queue Management

What Can Dude Perfect Teach Us About Queue Management?

Today, Logile analyzes YouTube sensation Dude Perfect. Their grocery store stereotype video offers anecdotes around optimal queue management, technological solutions, solution support, queue mathematics and store planning.

Specialty Retail Bottom-Up Sales Planning

The Final Frontier: Bottom-Up Store Planning in Specialty Retail

We complete our specialty retail blog series by reiterating its most important points. Special retailers have unique challenges, but they can benefit from a full store planning approach via the right mentality, tools and partnership.

Specialty retail task is to become task-based

Specialty Retail: The Core Task Is Becoming Task-Based

Until recently, job-based scheduling was normal in specialty retail. However, Dr. Zeynep Ton of MIT delineates this practice leads to the vicious instead of virtuous retail cycle. To become virtuous, Ton recommends task-based planning; we agree.

Quantify Unmet Demand in Specialty Retail

Three Better Ways to Quantify Unmet Demand in Specialty Retail

Specialty retailers contend with hidden traffic making it difficult to measure workload. Three options come to mind to overcome this struggle. Specialty operators must measure the data accurately to optimize the store planning continuum.

Specialty Retail Invisible Traffic

Specialty Retail: The Invisible Traffic Is the Visible Issue

Part two in our specialty retail series outlines how workload planning for specialty retailers is confounded by hidden traffic. Due to lower conversion rates, retailers have significant difficulty forecasting at accurate levels. With this in mind, understanding the conversion issue may lead to solving it.

New Tools for Specialty Retailers

New Challenges Warrant New Tools for Specialty Retailers

A gap exists between what specialty retailers need and technology vendors offer. In a five-part blog series, we investigate four specific underlying issues and offer insight into solutions for specialty retail operators.

Labor Management Checklist

Notice to Update: The Labor Management Checklist

One overlooked best practice after retailers go live with their labor model is standard upkeep. Many will want to regularly ask, at minimum, these five questions to keep labor budgets and expectations excellent.