Got NRF 2020 Vision? Tips for Retailers Attending Retail’s Big Show in January

NRF: Retail’s Big Show is a wonderful learning opportunity, but time flies at the event, and the overall enormity can be overwhelming. Consider these practical tips to help you plan ahead and make the most of your experience.
Logile RIS 2020 LeaderBoard Summary

Retailers Again Place Logile Among RIS LeaderBoard Top-20 Overall Best Retail Software Vendors in 2020 With 33 Top-10 Rankings

Logile is again the highest-ranking workforce management vendor on the RIS LeaderBoard in 2020, rising to #11 on the Top-20 master list and scoring 33 Top-10s in categories including customer satisfaction, innovation, service and support.
Don't Fall Back Into Poor Workforce Planning Habits

Don’t “Fall Back” Into Poor Workforce Planning Habits: Fall Forward Instead

Many retail activities are seasonal, but systematic workforce management upkeep delivers benefits all year long. This post explains ways to keep tabs on your workforce systems for optimal results. Fall forward for year-round success!
Setting Realistic Retail Project Timeline

Setting a Realistic Retail Project Timeline

The common struggle among retailers implementing new projects is an overzealousness to execute without a solid plan. This post explores vital questions and important considerations in creating project plans that work.
Retail Training Improve Operational Efficiency and Retention

How Training Can Improve Your Labor Efficiency and Retention Rates in Retail

Leverage training as an operational strategy. We review the different types of training techniques companies use to improve associate retention and, ultimately, overall operating efficiency.
Retail Labor Efficiency Think Lean

Want Higher Retail Labor Efficiency? Get Lean With Your Thinking

Some companies don't have the right tools in place, while others have what they need, but their organizational or maintenance tactics are so loose that they burn money on stalled production. This post reviews the effects of great equipment maintenance and organization, as well as how this affects workforce labor efficiency, through a topic called lean.
Effective Retail Reporting KPI Measurement Tips

Setting Labor Expectations and Effective Retail Reporting: KPIs and Measurement Tips

Whatever your approach to setting labor expectations, it is important to think through how, why and what you need to capture. To help you improve performance and analysis, we’ve compiled some tips and key reporting considerations to give you a good start in bolstering your reporting game!
Setting Labor Expectations Managing Labor

Setting Labor Expectations and Effective Retail Reporting: Managing Labor

Labor management and reporting are complex functions. It helps to break down some of the elements to understand how they work and where they fit within a retail organization’s operations. In this post, we explore common approaches to measuring labor performance and goals.
Happy Employees Training

Happy Associates: How Training Can Lead to Greater Employee Satisfaction

In the quest to foster happier, more fulfilled employees, training represents a strategy that not only boosts productivity but also helps drive retention. We take a closer look at the positive benefits of training beyond just job and task execution.

Accurate Forecasting Is the Key to Unlocking Value From Labor Scheduling Tools

Faster computing platforms, AI and ML algorithms have led to forecast accuracy breakthroughs. Better math and faster processing out-gun older, static approaches at every turn. For competitive advantage through your WFM solution, first start by upgrading your forecast.
case for superior retail staffing analysis tools

The Case for Superior Retail Staffing Analysis Tools

New retail staffing analysis tools present a tremendous opportunity to strategically deploy labor resources. They enable a small labor team to do far more than what larger labor teams without such tools could ever do to drive better staffing strategies.
Next-Gen Workforce Management Opportunities for Retailers

Next-Generation Workforce Management: An Inventory of Fresh Opportunities for Retail Stores

Retailers can address impacts of higher labor costs with the latest generation of WFM tools that leverage expanded use of AI, real-time data exchange and more robust enterprise computing platforms. It’s time for new opportunities and substantial benefits.