case for superior retail staffing analysis tools

The Case for Superior Retail Staffing Analysis Tools

New retail staffing analysis tools present a tremendous opportunity to strategically deploy labor resources. They enable a small labor team to do far more than what larger labor teams without such tools could ever do to drive better staffing strategies.
Next-Gen Workforce Management Opportunities for Retailers

Next-Generation Workforce Management: An Inventory of Fresh Opportunities for Retail Stores

Retailers can address impacts of higher labor costs with the latest generation of WFM tools that leverage expanded use of AI, real-time data exchange and more robust enterprise computing platforms. It’s time for new opportunities and substantial benefits.
Impact of Higher Labor Costs in Retail

The New Normal: The Impact of Higher Labor Costs in Retail

The new normal of higher labor costs has driven fundamental changes in retail organizations as add-on labor costs have resulted in fewer, less-experienced associates having to deliver the service and format of their retail brand. This post covers some of the biggest impacts of this environment on retailers.
Supermarket Checkout Queue

To Know the Checkout Queue...

Queue management is an art and a science. To adequately prepare for customer expectations at checkout, retailers must understand the queue then plan for it. We outline how technology optimizes this process.
Technology HACCP Retail Food Production

Using Technology With HACCP in Retail Food Production

Time and temperature are two of the most important factors for ensuring food safety. For most retail food production items, these factors are easiest to control and can thus eliminate some of the biggest food safety risks that challenge retailers.
Retail Transformation From Data to Systems Thinking

Retail Transformation: Shifting From Data Analysis to Systems Thinking

During labor management, analysts are often caught with too much to do in too little time with too few resources. Today, we outline how upgraded tools can reduce this burden while producing more effective results. It is called systems thinking.
Retailers Look Overseas for Solutions

Are Retailers Using All of the Tools at Their Disposal? How to Look Overseas for Successful Solutions

Retail innovation could be more globally inspired than some realize. Today, the American on-the-go express format, which differed historically from UK express stores, may now be thriving because of the UK’s influence.
Psychology, Tech and New Retail Standard

Psychology, Technology and a New Retail Standard

Today’s consumers expect just enough (not too little or too much) from retailers. Brick-and-mortar businesses can find this sweet spot through customer-facing and store planning technology, which collectively produce flow. How does flow work?
Retail Technology Collaboration

Retail Technology: Can “Collaboration” Become Catchy Again?

Collaborating is often an unstated expectation, which might be why it happens so little in retail. We see the chance to utilize collaboration for optimization as an opportunity for most retailers.
Labor Standards Do Not Have to Be Complicated

Do Labor Standards Have to Be That Complicated?

The cost of creating and maintaining detailed engineered standards need not be a barrier for game-changing labor improvements. With the right system and approach, retailers of all sizes can leverage less detailed incremental standards to achieve significant benefits with modest resources.
How Many Cashiers - Scheduling

How Many Cashiers Does it Take? Improved Schedule Accuracy Produces Key Business Benefits

When people ask me what I do for a living, my response is that I work in the workforce management software industry, generating store-level forecasts and schedules for enterprise retailers. After the usual blank stares, I try to explain...
Food Safety HACCP

Food Safety Is Clearly Crucial in Retail. How Does One Do It Well?

Retailers know food safety is imperative for customer wellness and organizational endurance, but how does one adhere to bylaws and thrive economically? We review food safety best practices (i.e., HACCP) along with the tools to cut costs over time.