Food Safety Compliance Management

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 6 Americans gets sick from eating contaminated food every year. Not surprisingly, foodborne illness from bacteria ranked as consumers’ number-one most important food safety issue in the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation’s 2018 Food and Health Survey.

As food safety concerns continue to grow, so have the associated penalties and regulations. In response, food service organizations including grocery retailers and restaurants have adopted food safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programs. Logile’s Food Safety Compliance Management (FSCM) system complements these programs by helping companies with the related automation, training, utilization, measurement, reporting and compliance.

Dave Redick

Our collaboration with Logile, beginning with our deployment of the company’s Enterprise Labor Modeling solution and continuing with our implementation of its Execution and Compliance Management solution, has yielded tremendous benefits for us in both corporate planning and store-level execution. Based on our successful track record, we are expanding our engagement to deliver new capabilities in the areas of food safety compliance and customer satisfaction and retention.

Dave RedickVice President of Retail Business Systems

Highly Scalable & Flexible

Logile Food Safety Compliance Management provides:

  • A highly scalable enterprise software solution that can be installed in your data centers or hosted by Logile on a SaaS subscription basis
  • Immediate use of new features and enhancements—no software to download or manage onto mobile devices
  • Flexibility to use the solution on any web-enabled mobile devices, including ruggedized handhelds (e.g., Honeywell and Motorola) and consumer-grade tablets and phones running Apple, Android and Windows mobile operating systems.
  • Various methods to input hot and cold temperature readings using wired or wireless temperature probes and infrared devices
  • Ability to take and attach photos that could be used to illustrate compliance or conditions that require attention
  • On-demand access or delivery of up-to-date training aids (documents, PDFs, photos, video) to educate and reinforce proper work methods

Amazing Centralized Administration

Centralized administration provides corporate food safety leaders with the ability to:

  • Leverage Logile’s existing library of food safety methods and reviews
  • Import existing or create new company methods and reviews
  • Tailor methods and reviews to specific regions, stores/restaurants, departments and end users
  • Establish reminders, out-of-compliance rules and thresholds, alerts, escalations, required corrective actions, scoring and more
  • Create report templates (e.g., out-of-compliance exceptions, detailed execution history and snapshot summaries), set delivery method and frequency, and archive for auditing purposes

Efficient & Seamless Integration

You’ll improve efficiency by eliminating time-consuming, paper-based checklists and temperature recording logs that must be completed and filed. And with seamless integration with existing business systems and workflows (e.g., product recall, customer incident reporting and facility maintenance), you will set the foundation for food safety confidence and compliance while meeting public demand for transparency.