Accurate Forecasting Is the Key to Unlocking Value From Labor Scheduling Tools

Dan Bursik, Vice President of Product Management

There are several components involved in building a workforce management system capable of delivering competitive advantage to retailers. If you depict those components in simplified process order, you typically get something like this:

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Moving From Job-Based to Task-Based Scheduling

Moving From Job-Based to Task-Based Scheduling: Understanding the Basics

If you followed recent blog posts by Logile, specifically the “Scheduling Insights” series, you learned about the four most common approaches to scheduling. In this post, we focus on using different types of available data to drive scheduling in a variety of ways.

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Scheduling How Good Are Your Labor Standards Best Practices

Scheduling: How Good Are Your Labor Standards and Best Practices?

Scheduling is only as good as the sum of your preparations. Even the best systems and most thoughtful schedule writers are only part of the equation. If the scheduling…

Defining Best Methods and Why Industrial Engineering Could Really Help

In my last blog I discussed the importance of defining and adopting best methods as the most important driver of efficiencies and return on…