About Us

Logile, Inc. provides retail workforce management and execution compliance solutions, encompassing both best-practices consulting and planning and execution software applications, that enable retailers to maximize efficiency, customer service and profitability.

Process Simplified

Logile’s team of retail industrial engineers utilize the 5-S methodology to organize the workplace, establish preferred work methods, and tailor Logile’s extensive library of industry-typical engineered labor standards to the customer’s workplace. They then operationalize these practices using Logile’s workforce and execution management software suite that includes labor standards development and modeling, sales and labor budgeting, sales and item-level forecasting, employee self-service, optimized “wall-to-wall” storewide employee scheduling, time and attendance, dynamic reforecasting, task and communication management, and enterprise performance reporting. Logile’s flexible solutions integrate with existing systems, are multilingual and compatible with all major mobile devices. They can be deployed as a full-service turnkey hosted solution (SaaS). Retailers can select the Logile services and software that are appropriate to meet their objectives and timelines.

Logile is privately held with its headquarters and core software development in Dallas, Texas. Principal hosting and disaster recovery are provided through the most secured facilities of Amazon Web Services in Virginia and Oregon. Retail industrial engineers and business analysts are located nationwide and in Latin America. Additional development teams are located in China and India.