Doug Paulin

Vice President – Sales Operations

Doug Paulin helps lead a team of sales and technical professionals who assist Logile’s customers in creating exceptional experiences for their own customers. With a background in systems engineering, management consulting and technical solution architecture, Doug works with prospective and current customers across vertical markets to develop and execute strategic initiatives and programs. His insight, expertise and collaboration help them overcome challenges and realize their aspirations in executing their strategies to improve customer experience, employee satisfaction and profitability.

Doug is a committed sales professional, leveraging his knowledge of process improvement, project management and change management to provide prospective customers with valuable insight beyond the scope of technology solutions and services. Doug consistently seeks to stay at the forefront of trends and shifts in the retail industry. His commitment to presenting new ideas and perspectives in success-centered collaboration with customers enables them to be forward-thinking and avoid pitfalls.

Doug has applied his passion for continuous improvement to Logile’s approach to sales, continually researching and implementing sales methodologies, strategies and tools that will ultimately lead to more engaging, fulfilling and profitable relationships for Logile’s customers and Logile alike.

Doug is a graduate of the University of West Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

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