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Buddy Punching: Badges to Biometrics

Anyone supervising hourly employees would be familiar with “Buddy Punching,” one employee punching in or out on behalf of a co-worker allowing them to arrive late, leave early, or even be absent for a shift while getting paid for that time away from work. There is also an unintentional form of this where an employee accidentally types an incorrect ID that happens to match someone else, causing a missed punch for the person at the timeclock and an errant punch for the matching employee.

Employers can combat these issues in different ways, each having different costs and degrees of success:

Deciding which approach is best for your company depends on many factors, but a reasonable low-cost low-maintenance arrangement could include keypad entry of the employee ID followed by PIN entry to validate that ID, combined with a rather conspicuous warning about video surveillance (real or imaginary) would effectively reduce both unintentional and intentional Buddy Punching.

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