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The ultimate foundation: executive leadership!

Logile’s ROADMAP FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE infographic identifies all the building blocks to empower a retail organization with labor optimization. But it’s worth noting that just as every building needs a solid foundation, retailers also need a mission and vision to put these components into service to drive significant benefits through better operations and consistent best practices.

Any Labor Management team is only as good as the leadership behind it. Leadership is critical beyond the know-how to secure capital dollars or to oversee large scale projects. More often than not, success is about vision alignment and an ability to define the needs, benefits, and pathways for change.

Make no mistake that every labor management project is about change management and every solid workforce management initiative will involve executive leadership to help your organization navigate change to overcome current limitations in vision, training and technology and to anchor the journey into the mission, vision and culture of your organization.

While the solution set to manage labor has never been more powerful, the need for a foundation of leadership has never been more apparent. Likewise, the benefits have never been more compelling.

More on how our Roadmap for Operational Excellence can help your organization, here.

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