Articles by Dan Bursik

4 minute read

Do Labor Standards Have to Be That Complicated?

The cost of creating and maintaining detailed engineered standards need not be a barrier for game-changing labor improvements. With the right system and approach, retailers of all sizes can leverage less detailed incremental standards to achieve significant benefits with modest resources.

4 minute read

Specialty Retail: The Core Task Is Becoming Task-Based

Until recently, job-based scheduling was normal in specialty retail. However, Dr. Zeynep Ton of MIT delineates this practice leads to the vicious instead of virtuous retail cycle. To become virtuous, Ton recommends task-based planning; we agree.

4 minute read

Specialty Retail: The Invisible Traffic Is the Visible Issue

Part two in our specialty retail series outlines how workload planning for specialty retailers is confounded by hidden traffic. Due to lower conversion rates, retailers have significant difficulty forecasting at accurate levels. With this in mind, understanding the conversion issue may lead to solving it.

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