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2 minute read

Stages of Change Management From the Employee Breakroom

Change management is a process, not an event. In the long run, open communication, real-world problem-solving, and helping most folks understand the need for change and surviving the journey are the keys to navigating the stages of change. Work it well, and you can overcome the inertia of the middle.

2 minute read

Dashboard Reporting Capabilities

In first blog in this series on reporting, Next Generation Business Reporting, I staked out a position that the most effective business reporting will always…

2 minute read

Next Generation Business Reporting

It seems to me that informational business reports, even the idea of reports, has come under fire in recent years as the wrong way to circulate business performance…

1 minute read

Labor Model Transparency

“What constitutes a good labor model?” is a question I have been asked many times. A host of features and functions come to mind…

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