Articles by Josh Ciampini

3 minute read

Thank You to Everyday Heroes

Thanks to the selfless, hardworking heroes on the healthcare, supply chain and retail front lines keeping our communities safe and supplied. We discuss the definition of a hero and some of Captain America’s hero-making traits, how these characterize the everyday heroes rising to the occasion as the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, and how we as consumers can help do our part.

4 minute read

Looking to Improve Store Efficiency? Just Follow the Rainbow

With limited resources, no labor management team can personally visit every store. How can you easily determine how well your labor model is working across the chain or identify any stores with significant operational issues? An earned hours program is the right place to start.

2 minute read

Store Recovery: Dealing With the Necessary Evil

Store recovery can account for as much as 40 percent of sales floor labor. While there’s no avoiding it, there are strategies that retailers can put into practice to reduce labor spend and keep a better-looking sales floor presentation.

2 minute read

Do You Know Your Customers’ Experience?

It’s early morning and your store has just opened its doors. There are five total employees in the store, a manager and four associates. Two associates are in the backroom processing product from the previous day’s delivery…

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