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Unraveling the Layered Retail Forecast: Part 2

Weather patterns ultimately will change consumer patterns and buying habits, including some shifts from in-store to online. Good forecasting solutions are incorporating detailed, region-specific weather data to forecast the sizeable impact of the local weather more accurately on retail patterns. The best forecasting solutions will use multiple layers of inputs for enhanced forecast accuracy.

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Unraveling the Layered Retail Forecast: Part 1

Traditionally, accounting for weather in retail forecasts has been limited to omitting or tagging historical data. Incorporating climatology into forecasts will allow retailers to be more agile in their staffing to flex up or down based on changing weather patterns.

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Logile Launches Complimentary AI and ML Forecasting Pilot Program Enabling Retailers to Experience the Retail Industry’s Most Accurate Forecast

Retailers can sign up for a complimentary pilot of the industry’s most powerful, accurate AI and ML-driven metric forecasting through a fully automated self-serve platform. Designed to provide an easy, fast and low-risk way to sample the power of Logile’s forecasting, pilot participants can opt for 8 weeks of daily forecasts for up to 100 locations and 10 metrics at no cost.

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