retail labor planning as nation reopens

Not Business as Usual: Retail Labor Planning as the Nation Reopens

Amid the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, forecasting labor, scheduling and communication remain important to grocery retailers. Shopping time of day, trends and average order sizes have and will continue to shift as the nation reopens. Here are key considerations.
covid-19 implications food safety retail stores

Food Safety in Retail Stores: COVID-19 Implications and Beyond

These transformative times are driving many changes: food safety in retail stores is one. We explore what you need to know!

Deeper Dive: How to Drive Incremental Retail Sales Through Better Scheduling

Get further detail on how your workforce management system can be a retail sales-building tool to properly align labor coverage with customer traffic demand. Doing so will increase sales, which is what it’s all about!
scheduling as sales enablement tool

Making the Case: Employee Scheduling as a Sales Enablement Tool

How can automated employee scheduling features lead directly to increased retail sales? Read on to learn the often overlooked but impactful benefit of using a workforce management scheduling application as a sales enablement tool.
covid-19 demand for elearning

COVID-19: How a Pandemic Led to an eLearning Demand

While eLearning always has its value, it has proven particularly useful and timely amid the pandemic. In retail, grocery retailers are using it to quickly onboard associates, teach new processes, and update skills.
increase sales per customer and sales per item

Dollars and Sense: Focus on Existing Customers to Increase Your Sales per Customer and Sales per Item

Helping shoppers meet their needs and wants results in happy customers and improved sales. Learn key actions retailers can take to positively impact sales per customer and sales per item.
kpi sales per customer sales per item

Dollars and Sense: Key Performance Indicators – Sales Per Item and Sales Per Customer

Measuring and understanding store performance is critical. Learn the importance and power of sales per customer and sales per item; two key but sometimes overlooked metrics that should be on your radar and reporting!
covid-19 lessons in associate communications

COVID-19 and Lessons in Associate Communications

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of effective information dissemination. Consider these lessons and build a retail associate communication infrastructure that serves both everyday and emergency communication needs. Gain interactive digital communication between your company and associates during all conditions and operational circumstances!
emergency associate communications

Emergency Associate Communications Strategies for COVID-19 and Beyond

To keep everyone safe and informed during emergencies, regular communication outreach to your retail store associates is not enough. Cut through the noise using push to device communications requiring confirmation of receipt and completion.
thanks to everyday heroes

Thank You to Everyday Heroes

Thanks to the selfless, hardworking heroes on the healthcare, supply chain and retail front lines keeping our communities safe and supplied. We discuss the definition of a hero and some of Captain America’s hero-making traits, how these characterize the everyday heroes rising to the occasion as the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, and how we as consumers can help do our part.
recommendations retailer response to covid-19 pandemic

Special Series: Suggestions for Food Store Associates to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our latest special COVID-19 series installment focuses on retail food store associates. Logile CEO Purna Mishra outlines key recommendations for these critical front-line workers to effectively and safely operate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
recommendations retailer response to covid-19 pandemic

Special Series: Suggestions for Food Stores to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Part two of our special COVID-19 series focuses at the critical store operations level. Logile CEO Purna Mishra covers practical, actionable recommendations for food retail stores responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated unique challenges.