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Logile Announces New Customers and Cloud Based Implementation Capabilities

Logile, Inc. today announced three grocery retailers located in the United States have selected Logile’s Enterprise Labor Planning and Execution Management solutions. Two are utilizing Logile’s SaaS cloud hosting platform. The new Logile customers include two regional supermarket chains with less than 100 stores each and a large multi-state supermarket chain with over 400 retail supermarket and convenience stores.

Purna Mishra, Logile’s Chief Executive Officer, stated “Logile’s labor planning solutions give our customers the right labor hours to serve their customers with the right service level at the right time.”

Logile’s unique enterprise labor planning solution allows retailers to operationalize their investment in engineered labor standards. Using store specific characteristics and actual/planned volume, retailers are able to produce budgets, projections and forecasts at the week/daily and sub-department level that are not impacted by inflation trends or legacy metrics, such as sales per labor hour or labor percent.

Logile’s industry leading Task Execution & Communication Management (EC5™) solution allows retailers to automate and support their corporate to store and in-store communication, as well as manage execution of preferred work methods and plan changes in near to real time using store handheld devices, smart phones and tablets. Higher priority information (in any media format) and escalation/delegation with alert statuses are all managed directly from the sales floor.

“This allows store personnel to focus on customers, while removing any ambiguity about daily priorities”, stated Rick Schlenker, Logile’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “Retailers get consistent execution and customers get a consistent shopping experience across all stores in the chain, building the relationship between retailer and customer and strengthening brand loyalty.”

“The SaaS model allows our customers’ key technical and operating personnel to focus on their core business rather than on bringing up and maintaining applications”, added Mishra.

By utilizing Logile’s SaaS platform, retailers are able to rapidly deploy cloud-based, industry leading labor planning and execution management solutions. The applications can be operational and provide value in a matter of a few weeks. With Logile’s experienced professionals guiding the process, and high standards of security and reliability, Logile’s SaaS solution can be scaled up on demand, leveraging a flexible model that ensures customer satisfaction while minimizing risk and ensuring uptime.

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