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Logile Continues to Partner With Quick-Service Restaurants to Improve Drive-Thru Operations

Industrial engineering, process analysis and workflow design focused on measuring QSR end-to-end customer journey for untapped value

Dallas, TX—January 20, 2021—Logile, Inc. today announced an additional partnership in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry with a regional quick-service chain based on the U.S. East coast. Rise in nationwide demand for drive-thru and mobile ordering, combined with COVID-19 restrictions on indoor dining, has presented challenges for QSRs to adapt their operating strategies to meet the new needs of their customers.

Logile’s team of industrial engineers, who specialize in retail operational excellence, has responded by combining recent industry trends with core principles of process analysis and workflow design to help QSRs build a frictionless customer experience. This focus on measuring the true end-to-end customer journey, from the moment the customer arrives on premise through departure, as well as the efficiency of each team member across the fulfillment process, has uncovered several areas of opportunity, including:

Logile has taken a multi-phased approach to address both opportunities across current units and unit of the future designs.

“The synergies between Logile’s industrial engineering expertise and its application within the QSR market are a compelling natural fit,” said Josh Ciampini, Logile’s Head of Operational Excellence. “We are excited to help our quick-service partners improve operations and labor deployment while identifying new opportunities for increased revenue.”

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