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Logile Develops New Interface to Manage Engineered Labor Standards from Any Software Provider

Irving, Texas – (BUSINESS WIRE) – July 13, 2009

Logile, Inc., a pioneer of next generation Enterprise Workforce Planning and Execution Management solutions for the retail industry, today announced its Labor Master Data™ interface. This powerful new functionality enables retailers to more effectively leverage their existing labor standards to build and maintain a truly enterprise-wide, yet store and sub-department specific, labor model.

The Labor Master Data™ interface seamlessly integrates labor standards developed in third party applications with Logile’s Enterprise Labor Model™ and supports the development, management and utilization of store specific standards in all store departments for use in annual budgeting, period forecasting, and weekly schedule planning. The Labor Master Data™ interface is a forceful addition to Logile’s labor modeling and planning solutions, including Logile’s groundbreaking Enterprise Labor Model™. The Enterprise Labor Model™ has been successfully deployed by Logile’s premier customer, the Golub Corporation (Price Chopper supermarkets).

John Connors, President of Connors and Associates, LLC and former executive at H.B. Maynard and Company, commented, “Even progressive retailers, who have made significant investments in 5-S, preferred methods, engineered labor standards, and task-based labor planning, often use tools that model labor based on a handful of representative stores and historically average weeks to generate a static snap-shot of fixed and variable work hours. These archaic metrics don’t generate the appropriate reduction in labor hours. Logile’s Enterprise Labor Model™, with the addition of the Labor Master Data™ interface, allows retailers to reach the next level of labor planning. It provides a means to efficiently create and manage a dynamic labor model that reflects store and time-specific variations in work content.”

The robust and intuitive Labor Master Data™ interface complements Logile’s Enterprise Labor Model™. The Enterprise Labor Model™ interfaces with existing labor standards databases, whether developed internally by the retailer or by a third party vendor, allowing retailers to effectively manage labor at an enterprise level. The Labor Master Data™ interface provides additional ability to manage effective dated labor standards, store characteristics, volumes, shrink and “store clusters.”

“With the addition of the Labor Master Data™ interface, Logile’s Enterprise Labor Model™ becomes an even more potent strategic business support solution for retailers,” stated Purna Mishra, Logile’s President and Chief Executive Officer, “allowing retailers to efficiently roll-out integrated task-based labor management initiatives that increase productivity through enhanced labor planning. Logile’s design makes the solution easy to configure and manage, yet still supports unique standard values for every task, in every department and every store, based on store-specific variables as defined in the standard modeling process.”

The Labor Master Data™ interface is completely integrated with existing Enterprise Labor Model™ features such as the customizable organizational hierarchy, effective dated model parameters and Engineered Hours Calculator. The Labor Master Data™ interface is also fully integrated into Logile’s Enterprise Performance Management and Reporting™ module, allowing users to create custom reports based on store clusters, streamlining the report set-up process.

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