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Simplify 2017 gallery

On October 24-26, 2017, Logile held its second User’s Conference, “Simplify”, at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vladimir Lopez

Director of Operational Efficiency, Soriana

Thank you Logile for inviting me to attend Simplify. Attending Simplify affords the opportunity for continue with the learning process via client success stories, experiences and findings, complemented by Logile’s team. Without a doubt it is a great opportunity that will help you identify the potential improvement that can be accomplished in your own operations.

Phil McElfresh

General Manager, Heinen's

Thank you for having me at Simplify. I thought everyone from the Logile team did a great job. It was a great opportunity to be involved, being able to listen to some other clients, hearing some wins and opportunities that they have had over the past few years. Also being able to listen and learn more about Logile and what can be available for us to help improve.

Dan Lee

Director of Workforce Management, Coborn's

It was wonderful to hang out with people in a fun setting and I loved the networking and open sharing among the companies represented and the Logile employees.

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