The Logile team has decades of industry experience. We will work with you to ensure that the implementation solution meets your requirements for availability, failover, disaster recovery, and application and data security. Our team will help you leverage your existing IT infrastructure, policies and procedures as well as suggest alternatives so you get the very best, most cost-effective deployment option.

Implementation support

Logile’s enterprise software solutions can be hosted in your data center via a traditional software license. Should you choose to host our solutions at your site, tailored to suit your needs and requirements, we also offer project and change management consultants to help you successfully roll out your Logile solution.

Our technical professionals partner with you throughout the process to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation.

Some of the specific services that we provide include the following:


We will work with you to make our software fit and function perfectly with your company’s culture and business practices. What does that mean? We’ll configure the software to reflect your look and feel, terminology and desired workflow so it blends seamlessly into your organization.