Project Management

In both industrial engineering engagements and software solution deployments, Logile follows a structured approach that leads to proven, rapid and successful results for our customers.

Dedicated Project Management

A Logile project manager is dedicated to you, and will interface directly with your project team to develop a comprehensive project work plan defining scope, timelines, dependencies and resource requirements.

Lines and methods of communications are established to assure that throughout the project all participants have the necessary information to make required decisions and complete required tasks on time. You will have 24/7 access to your Logile project manager and key team members, through Skype, personal cellphones, etc.


Our project managers help you analyze your project requirements, existing systems and assets to arrive at the optimal solution for your organization.

Streamlined implementation

We help you establish a validation, certification and pilot process to streamline implementation in your chosen environment. We also develop a training and implementation plan to assure successful deployment meeting your parameters and timeline.

Efficient communication

Our project managers establish a communication plan so that all necessary managers and departments are involved upfront.