5-S Workplace Organization

Organize the Workplace

An optimally organized workplace is the foundation for lean inventory management and an efficient, productive and safe operation, delivering the best service to your customers.  Our industrial engineers have experience with retailers, manufacturers and distribution centers of all sizes and complexity levels, organizing the workplace and putting the structure in place to make sure it stays that way.

Our team of industrial engineers works directly with your subject matter experts to:

  • Organize your workplace for optimal efficiency and effectiveness utilizing the 5-S principles.
  • Create job aids, like visual method sheets, to instill and sustain new behaviors in your employees. The job aids can be displayed in the workplace and viewed as video clips on internet capable devices.
Former Vice President of Store Operations, Golub Corporation

Logile’s solutions allow us to fully realize and sustain the tremendous savings associated with our chain-wide adoption of 5-S, preferred work methods, and engineered labor standards.

Former Vice President of Store Operations, Golub Corporation

Conduct Reviews on Any Internet-Capable Device

By also implementing our Task Execution and Communication Management™ software, you can automate the monitoring of ongoing compliance, using workplace reviews that can be conducted on any internet capable device, reinforcing employee behavior while flagging exceptions that need manager attention.