Improved customer service and associate learning for Heinen's

Employee Self-Service and Scheduling

“The Employee Self-Service has been a big win for Heinen’s up to this point. Our associates have really been able to utilize the app and communicate with our department managers quicker and easier than what they were able to in the past.

We’ve seen a lot of benefits from using wall-to-wall scheduling and task based. Some of the biggest ones is that we’ve been able to utilize our associates in multiple departments across the store, and it’s really given our associates the ability to learn other areas of the store that they were not able to learn as easily before. It gives them the flexibility to grow, and it helps improve our customer service as well.”

Logile Partnership

“The partnership with Logile, we started in 2017. And they’ve been a great partner for us. One of the benefits that I’ve experienced is that the success we’ve had using Logile has come a lot from that partnership. I know that I can reach out to anybody on the Logile team at any time and have my questions answered immediately.

We can have a good conversation, we can talk through the issue. But just knowing that they’re there to reach out at any time is a huge win, and it helps us to be able to succeed even quicker.”

Phil McElfresh, Director of Labor and Process Improvement, Heinen’s

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