In addition to Logile as your solutions provider, think of us as your learning partner, with you through every step on your workforce management journey. Your success is our top priority.

Our team believes both training and learning are pivotal to ensuring the best possible Logile solutions experience. We take a proactive approach in how we design and implement our training offerings. The days of only brick-and-mortar training are long gone. Our team keeps up with current research-based learning and development approaches that produce results.

Our customers are tapping into the Logile-Learning Suite where they enjoy anytime, anywhere access to training materials that will support the goal of becoming experts in Logile’s software solutions and services.

Simple Solutions: If you don’t need a full e-learning course and you’d like a quick answer, consult our Help Desk solutions articles. There you’ll find over 200 quick reference guides, how-to documents and a Logile glossary. These tools are available to assist our administrative super users in getting information on-demand for all of Logile’s solution sets.

Logile-Learning Courses: The Logile-Learning online platform contains over 150 courses that take a deeper look inside the software and services.

Logile-Learning Paths: When more guided learning is required, Logile’s training specialists partner with you to create customized Learning Paths which are tailored to address your specific learning needs and circumstances.

Video Tutorials: Quick and easy-to-understand video tutorials walk learners through functionality and processes. Our videos provide a concise, easy way to introduce your employees to new concepts.

Custom End-User Materials: While Logile’s e-learning courses and quick reference guides are geared for our super users, we know that role is not the only frequent user of Logile’s solutions. We work directly with you to understand how your end users will interact with Logile and develop materials for your work culture and expectations.

Rollout and Change Management: Developing the process, the e-learning materials themselves, and designing a rollout plan including change management to get new solutions to your users can seem a daunting proposition. We facilitate Train-the-Trainer courses and provide materials used to guide and empower your team to firmly establish your Logile solutions within your organization. We have experience rolling out our solutions to countless customers. Let us help you design a rollout and change management plan that will be successful, including providing adequate scheduled time and creating appropriate support structures as questions arise.

Our goal is to transform traditional training into an all-encompassing and holistic learning experience that is available on-demand to empower your team to support an efficient, productive workplace.

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