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Your success is at the heart of our mission to deliver innovative solutions and ongoing partnership that position you to achieve operational excellence and your strategic objectives. In other words, we’re 100% all-in for the duration.

The Logic of Labour

Logile provides retail workforce management and execution compliance solutions, combining best-practices consulting with planning and execution software applications that enable retailers to maximize efficiency, customer service, employee satisfaction and profitability.

Seamless solutions

Retailers worldwide rely on Logile’s intelligent, fully mobile solutions to boost profitability and competitive edge by delivering the best service at the optimal cost. From labour standards development and modelling, to forecasting, storewide employee scheduling and time and attendance, to task management, food safety and employee self-service. Our systems are seamlessly interconnected, working the same way on mobile devices in employees’ hands to desktops used in managers’ offices.

Our “keep it under one-roof” approach means that only Logile team members are used for Logile projects. This ensures timely and within-budget delivery of solutions that ultimately achieve our customers’ goals. Our values of family, trust and loyalty mean we all work together for the good of our customers and our business. Indeed, many customers have said our family-style ethos has resulted in Logile feeling like a natural extension to their teams.

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Unrivalled customer satisfaction

Excellence and dependability are more than just buzzwords at Logile. Our customer retention rates speak volumes and may explain why year after year, retailers have rated Logile #1 in customer satisfaction among all workforce management solution providers in Retail Information Systems’ annual Software LeaderBoard Survey.

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What are your challenges? We work with you to identify gaps and find solutions perfect for you and your unique journey.