Articles by Brian Monaco

5 minute read

‘Tis the Season, 2020 Style

Brian Monaco reflects on 2020, the resiliency of retail and our optimism for the future. The number of changes in weeks we normally see over the course of 5 to 10 years.

3 minute read

Unified Commerce, What Have You Done? Part Two

Part One covered unified commerce’s impact, Industry 4.0’s onset, traditional retailer adaptations and long-term solutions. We referenced data mining, forecasting, scheduling and mobile solutions as opportunities for brick-and-mortar institutions to optimize their workforce while preserving customer service. In Part Two, we focus in on forecasting and scheduling.

3 minute read

Unified Commerce, What Have You Done? Part One

Unified commerce goes by many names, such as e-commerce, online ordering, click-and-collect and more. Regardless, unified commerce is “an upsetting force”1 in retail. It is here to stay, as evidenced in upward trending census figures over…

2 minute read

The power of the WHY?

Why is the WHY so important? Who, What, Where, When and WHY… the 5 W’s we all learned in grade school. The questions we ask when solving a problem. What the teachers didn’t tell is how important the WHY is…

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