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Complete store planning and execution solutions.

Optimise store operations, improve service levels and empower employees with the most comprehensive retail planning, WFM, inventory management and execution systems.

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Establish the conditions necessary for success with optimised industry best practices, enterprise standards management, labor modeling, inventory management and ultra-accurate forecasting.

Optimally manage your most important resource and control labour costs with the best workforce management.

Operate effectively and adjust on the fly with agile solutions for mobile task management, communication, food safety, performance and real-time reforecasting.

Optimising the labour of leading brands

Improving execution, customer service, employee satisfaction, and profitability.

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Gain competitive advantage with Logile’s industry-leading store solutions. Get proven AI, machine-learning technology and industrial engineering that help retailers worldwide achieve operational excellence and provide the best customer service at the optimal cost. Start driving transformation and performance.

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