Performance Management

Manage exceptions and measure KPIs in real time with mobile dashboards and reporting.

Your managers need real-time access to critical KPIs, exception alerts and rich reporting to make great decisions, improve effectiveness and bolster service. Time wasted collecting and analysing data could be better spent on customer-focused initiatives, driving sales and building culture.

Get real-time visibility into what you need to know now

Easily identify underperformance and noncompliance patterns and take corrective actions with Logile Performance Management & Reporting. Our performance dashboards consolidate metrics onto a single screen and update leaders in real time. This powerful solution efficiently analyses sales and labour performance, scheduling accuracy, task management execution and regulatory compliance, and validates labour model integrity, through a central reporting engine.

Proactively protect performance on the store floor

Our KPI dashboards deliver the visual, real-time operational insight store managers need on their mobile devices to keep them out on the store floor while actively gauging performance and current events. Conduct real-time drill-down and rollup of key performance metrics across the enterprise for added perspective.

  • Received instant feedback on important KPIs
  • Track real-time, in-flight performance and make mid-week adjustments
  • View how actuals are trending versus forecasted and take appropriate action
  • Monitor store compliance and identify low performers

Identify and address labour model anomalies

Your labour team will more easily manage the many inputs and data elements of complex earned hours programs. With proactive alerts to potential issues and exceptions, your engineers can address and maintain program integrity and optimise their time.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined, centralised visibility into all store operations via dashboard content and preconfigured reporting
  • Intuitive graphical experience available via desktop or mobile
  • Real-time data and drill-down details to measure and manage all aspects of performance metrics
  • Quickly address items requiring attention
  • Supports any approach to labour management including store-specific earned hours driven by work content
  • Efficient presentation of earned, actual and opportunity hours analysis to maximise optimisation
  • Earned hours performance rankings in easy-to-slice views by banner, division and store
  • Insightful operational performance reports and KPIs for financial performance and best use of the system
  • Ability to customise reporting without professional services
  • Capable of reporting any data in our database including non-labour information to create a “single version of the truth” for all performance metrics
  • Performance to budget, plan, last year or other comparisons
  • Focus on identifying opportunity areas in each store and across the enterprise

Get best-practice, easy-to-use reporting

Our best-practice reports were built with extensive retail experience, formatted for quick understanding. This means your people can spend more time making a productive difference and improving your KPIs, rather than digesting reams of data to uncover what is going on.

And with data integration from multiple sources, Performance Management goes far beyond labour management opportunities and can support your entire range of store operations opportunity identification and optimisation. Integration with category management and master UPC data records opens a variety of dashboard and formatted reports to identify store performance. Compare chain performance, budget, last year, or another selected store or store cluster. No more searching for information. Now your managers can effectively manage.

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