Labour Modelling & Analysis

Understand your true labour requirements and costs. Place labour demand exactly where and when it is needed.

Total visibility of your labour requirements is essential to optimise store performance and provide the right customer service levels. Enterprise Labour Model (ELM), the core of our labour planning system, scales to organisations of all sizes and gives you complete insight into your true labour requirements and costs based on your unique go-to-market strategy. ELM places labour demand exactly when and where you need it for better budgeting and staff planning. Perform what-if simulation with our labour analysis suite to make proactive operational and fact-based decisions.

Fully customisable to your organisation

No matter your size, offerings or structure, ELM customises to meet your needs.

  • Mirror your organisational structure: regions, zones, stores, departments, and sub-departments
  • Define groupings of like stores to quickly manage labour data and perform analysis
  • Upload fiscal and planning calendars
  • Customise labour standards with characteristic attributes to create store-specific labour plans
  • Integrate volume elements such as sales, customers, transactions, items, case movement, promotions and shrink
  • Manage UPC relationships with volume and labour standards

Place labour at the appropriate time at the job or task level

We are simply the leader in placing labour at the right time for accurate budgeting and staff planning.

  • Integrate 15-minute level data to drive the right service requirements at the right time of day
  • Offset hours for work tasks such as backstock replenishment or ecommerce picking
  • Effectively date standards adjustments for holiday or seasonal programs, to appropriate time periods
  • Distribute frequency and occurrences of fixed tasks, such as deep cleaning, to the day, week, period or quarter
  • Add automated adjustments to account for events not measured within the labour standards, such as corporate tasks, undefined promotional events, remodels or inventories

Advanced labour planning analytics

Our advanced analytics suite provides the tools you need to make the right operational decisions that support your go-to-market strategy.

  • Perform what-if scenario testing to analyse impact of business process change on labour plans
  • Extrapolate what-if scenarios across the organisation or execute live to production
  • View rollup of engineered hours by department, store or any organisational level
  • Run Pareto analysis to quickly identify processes driving top 80% of hours
  • Identify the right balance of labour data with statistical significance analysis

Key Benefits

  • Ability to apply data to standards to calculate labour for analysis
  • Define tasks for labour planning and task-based scheduling
  • Define organisational hierarchy
  • Manage standards through the organisation hierarchy, individually, or in ad hoc store clusters you define
  • Apply allowances as needed
  • Sandbox environment for what-if analysis modelling
  • Pareto analysis to understand which operations drive the most time
  • Advanced earned hours insight and analytics

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