Employee Scheduling

Schedule the right store employees at the right time—to do the right things.

Optimise your most important resource—your people—just by changing the way you schedule. Rising minimum wages, increased regulations and a tight labour market mean effective scheduling is more important than ever. And while producing a great schedule does require a great forecast, the scheduling system you use can mean the difference between just OK and game-changing performance.

Not all scheduling solutions are created equal. To deliver stellar customer service without over- or under-scheduling, you must be able to schedule at the task level and cross-schedule your people. You also need the right scheduling logic and measurement.

4 powerhouse catalysts to deliver the best schedules, period.

While everyone claims to schedule the right associates at the right time, Logile uniquely takes it a step further. Our customers agree the following unmatched capabilities have definitively changed their scheduling game with dramatic results.

  • Task-based scheduling. Schedule to actual tasks—not just job codes—for maximised efficiency and productivity.
  • Cross-department, wall-to-wall scheduling. Increase utilisation by scheduling all your departments across the store using optimisation.
  • Scheduling effectiveness measurement. Analyse all schedule versions—system-generated, edited, actual and earned—to prove performance and identify opportunities.
  • Schedule costing and scheduling to budget. Understand the true cost of a schedule. Schedule within budget constraints via automated hours realignment intelligence.

Fast-track your path to optimised, automated scheduling

Get industry-leading scheduling optimisation that supports centralised or store-based scheduling and workflow. Our retail labour experts work with you to address your requirements and set up the rules and parameters specific to your company’s needs. We quickly get you up and running—at all your locations—and keep you tracking to your directives.

  • Validate and trust automated, intelligent system-generated schedule writing to save time and prove results
  • Create accurate schedules further in advance
  • Avoid violations and drive compliance
  • Optimise lane assignment and queuing management
  • Manage in real time with mobile KPI dashboard alerts and analysis
  • Deliver self-service agility for shift swapping and bids, availability changes, communication and more

Prepare for predictive scheduling

Unlike the alternatives, our advanced scheduling solution prepares you for compliance with predictive scheduling regulations—now and into the future.

If you've been hearing about predictive scheduling legislation and wondering if it will affect you, you're not alone. Logile can help. Unlike the alternatives, our advanced scheduling solution prepares you for compliance with predictive scheduling regulations—now and into the future.

Key benefits

  • Cost savings through optimised use of your labour resources
  • Top-line sales growth through better customer service and more satisfied associates
  • Minimised wasted hours
  • Less overtime
  • Departments run more streamlined and to plan
  • Visibility, tracking and scheduling down to the 15-minute interval

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