Health & Temperature Scanning

Protect public safety with highest accuracy configurable to your needs.

In today’s changed world, organisations must proactively protect the safety of employees, customers and the general public.

The Health & Temperature Scanner (HT Scanner) offers a powerful scanning and access control solution uniquely configurable to the needs of retailers, manufacturers, warehouse and distribution centres, hospitality, educational and medical facilities, and more.




Reduce risk and exposure with touch-free health and temperature scanning

  • Infrared temperature reading accuracy of 99.7 percent
  • Multiple identification options: facial recognition with or without a mask, finger template, numeric, card reader, anonymous and more
  • Voice control
  • Mask detection and health and risk attestation questions configured to local and organisational requirements
  • Targeted communication including video
  • On-the-spot messaging of next steps for individuals presenting elevated health risk
  • Alerts sent per escalation policies for access decisions and control
  • Secure encrypted data and configurable data storage
  • Operates with physical access control systems, employee feeds or any time and attendance system

Bolster your existing safety protocols

Enhance your current precautionary practices and address increased health and safety expectations with confidence. Combining commercial-grade hardware with a customisable workflow engine, the HT Scanner brings you unrivalled resilience and the flexibility to effectively protect your people and premises.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and economical to implement, administer and use
  • Support biometric identification, temperature screening and attestation
  • Shows visible commitment to maintaining a healthy work and shopping environment
  • Shows commitment to workforce for maintaining their safety
  • Supports added commitment to food safety programs and risk management
  • Enables compliance with regulatory health mandates and policies
  • Deters employees from spreading sickness to avoid disruption to customer service and productivity
  • Inspires brand confidence to associates and customers

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