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Discover how the industry’s best AI and ML-driven workforce management solutions can help you attract, engage and retain associates while optimizing operations and customer service. It’s time for The Logic of Retail.

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Smart WFM solutions to address modern retail challenges

Today’s retailers need creative approaches and solid labor planning, WFM and store execution solutions to navigate an uncertain environment, labor shortage and desire of today’s retail workforce for increased flexibility.

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  • Drive predictable schedules and streamlined workplace operations with industry-best forecasting at 97+ percent daily accuracy and optimized staff planning
  • Meet hours preferences and requirements with advanced automated scheduling optimization at the task level
  • Provide learning and hours opportunities with cross-department scheduling options
  • Foster work-life balance and control with the flexibility of gig-style scheduling
  • Engage with mobile tools to manage availability, swap and bid on shifts, receive task guidance and more
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Implementing Innovative Workforce Management Strategies to Attract and Retain Frontline Staff

Logile Founder and CEO Purna Mishra sat down recently with RIS News for an exclusive Q&A to explore effective workforce management strategies and solutions today’s retailers can utilize now.

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Schnucks leverages AI-driven multipurpose demand forecasting and an advanced analytic data-driven approach to inform every aspect of their business

Schnucks benefits from solid forecasting and employee self-service and scheduling integrated with task management to change the game

Schnucks sees high engagement with innovative flex scheduling and solutions addressing their scheduling, time and attendance, and task management needs

Vallarta Supermarkets realizes nearly 40% productivity improvement across stores

Northgate Market realizes significant improvements in associate engagement, retention and customer service

Heinen’s uses task-based, cross-department scheduling to improve customer service and associate learning

Leading retailers choose Logile WFM

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Retailers Recognize Logile as a Top 10 Best Retail Technology Provider and #1 Overall for Customer Satisfaction and Performance on RIS News’ 2023 Software LeaderBoard

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