Workforce Management in Retail: Building a Digital Roadmap

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Why choose Logile?

Having a dedicated transformation roadmap helps to leaves no stone unturned. Forecasting, scheduling, task management, communications, auditing, time and attendance, and even health and safety decisions are all factored-in as individual considerations shaping the future of workforce management.

As an end-to-end provider, it is this similarly holistic outlook that Logile champions, and can illustrate, from the very beginning. A roadmap in this context isn’t just pointing out the first, most vital step, and then reassessing what should come next further down the line. Ultimately, we want to create a complete roadmap with you from the very outset, based on where your needs are most severe, where feasibility is assured, and where each incremental win lays the foundations for the next phase of evolution.

Schnucks benefits from solid forecasting and employee self-service and scheduling integrated with task management to change the game

Northgate Market realizes significant improvements in associate engagement, retention and customer service

Heinen’s uses task-based, cross-department scheduling to improve customer service and associate learning