moneyball sabermetrics retail labor standards analysis

Act Three: Moneyball, Sabermetrics and Retail Labor Standards Analysis

In this final Moneyball series post, we describe similar approaches between sabermetrics in baseball and retail, highlighting how retail leaders utilize what-if technology to examine labor changes.

Retail Labor Efficiency Think Lean

Want Higher Retail Labor Efficiency? Get Lean With Your Thinking

Some companies don’t have the right tools in place, while others have what they need, but their organizational or maintenance tactics are so loose that they burn money on stalled production. This post reviews the effects of great equipment maintenance and organization, as well as how this affects workforce labor efficiency, through a topic called lean.

case for superior retail staffing analysis tools

The Case for Superior Retail Staffing Analysis Tools

Dan Bursik, Vice President of Product Management

I’ve often heard the questions, “Why is there a difference between the output of my labor model and the sum of the scheduling requirements that I send to my automated scheduler? Should there be a difference, and why?” These are great questions that merit exploration. There is much to be Read more

Labor Standards Do Not Have to Be Complicated

Do Labor Standards Have to Be That Complicated?

Dan Bursik, Vice President of Product Management

The use of detailed, store-specific engineered labor standards has been a significant advancement to support labor modeling and planning for retail stores. Techniques vary, but the approach is based on quantifying work Read more