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Beyond workforce management — complete store planning and execution solutions.

Optimize store operations, improve service levels and empower employees with the most comprehensive retail planning, WFM and execution systems.

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Gain competitive advantage with Logile’s industry-leading store solutions. Get proven AI, machine-learning technology and industrial engineering that help retailers worldwide achieve operational excellence and provide the best customer service at the optimal cost. Start driving transformation and performance.

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We Optimize the labor of leading brands to improve execution, customer service, employee satisfaction, and profitability.

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One Minute. One Item. What’s it Worth?

Does one minute or one item matter? We explore what your employees’ time is worth and what you can do to get them more involved and bring greater value to your bottom line. Easy to say, not so easy to accomplish!

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Best of Both: Understanding Employee Productivity and Utilization

Employee productivity and employee utilization: Two phrases, different meanings. Learn how to optimize both with management techniques applied to the right automated scheduling solution for great retail customer service without sacrificing labor efficiency!

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Planning for Change: Forecasting and Aligning Budgets to Weekly Schedules

An accurate forecasting system is not only crucial to building the retail budget but also in providing quick visibility into unpredicted trends during the year in progress. React, adjust and stay on track!

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