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Communication – Getting Your Message Across

Communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of news or information.  In our ever changing and competitive business environment, it is imperative that effective communication is a reality as we strive to be successful in our respective fields.  Leaders, to be successful, must create an environment which celebrates ingenuity and the sharing of ideas across all levels of the business structure.  They must set the tone as it pertains to new information, new insights, and a genuine thirst for the acquisition and use of new ideas and/or experiences that will help enhance and improve current business practices, or at least make one look at something in a different way.  This can be achieved in a number of ways.  Let’s discuss some.

Have you ever heard of the adage, “Reading is Fundamental?”  It is fitting when trying to break through with new ideas or taking a new approach to solve an issue.  In my case, our leaders would bring in literature from respected minds in the business world.  We would get assignments and homework from time to time during our weekly meetings, and together, apply some of the principles learned to address current issues.  Through these activities, communication between all levels of management was enhanced as we worked together to understand and apply new ideas to the everyday issues that we faced in our respective departments.  We became a more cohesive organization, and because of this, were able to take better care of each other, our employees, and certainly our customers.  We were challenged to think “outside the box,” and communication through the medium of literature and the application of new ideas garnered from such helped to guide us along that path while improving our work environment.

Sometimes, great communication and concepts come from outside your particular organization.  Leaders should always keep their eyes open for new and improved ideas, methods and best practices to help make positive change in their respective areas.  Seminars, business conferences and activities and workshops offered by industry innovators can bring a wealth of ideas and possibilities that can be adopted into your particular business.  You never know where that one great idea that can transform your enterprise will come from.  An astute leader keeps their eyes and ears open for any and all exchanges of ideas that can lead to improvements in operations.

Communication is not just something one does on the phone, in a memo, or face to face – it is a powerful tool that can be transformative in how you conduct your business and interact with your peers and people you work with.  Being open and receptive to the many available resources, not just what was discussed here, is a way to tip the scale in your favor while navigating through today’s competitive environment.

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