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Finding the Right Execution Management Solution for a Small-Box Environment

Retailers big and small know that implementing any major software solution is a challenge, particularly when the solution offers a host of options and capabilities. In the realm of execution management, many retailers need features like web services integration, temperature compliance, immediate customer feedback, automatic follow-up execution, or device flexibility, but they may not need all of them. As a result, solutions with these functionalities and more may be assumed to be “too complex” or “not user friendly.”

Some retailers are especially sensitive to these concerns about solution complexity and usability. Small-box retailers often find themselves in this category—needing an execution management solution to communicate more effectively and better understand store execution, but not needing a bevy of additional features that increase the complexity of the system.

One option for such retailers is to purchase (or develop in-house) a “basic” execution management solution, one that supports the core functionality but offers few additional features and limited flexibility. In some cases, this can be a satisfactory short-term solution, but over time, frustrations often mount, as stakeholders desire to progress further but begin to feel the tool’s limitations.

Thankfully, there’s another option. Feature-rich solutions, if designed properly, can be a viable alternative for small-box retailers and others whose needs are relatively straight forward and prefer a simple, accessible interface. Via configuration and permissions, such tools can instantly disable unneeded features chainwide, or for specific groups of users.

Typically, modifying configuration is the first step. Each retailer’s needs can be discussed and evaluated early in the implementation process, and features or options found to be unnecessary can be simply turned off, so that no one in the company is ever inconvenienced by them.

Beyond that, permissions can be used give certain functionality to only specific groups of users. This is often used to further simplify the interface for store-level employees, ensuring that the two or three things that they need to see are always easy to access.

Feature-rich solutions with broad configurability also allow small-box retailers to use the tool in unique ways as they grow in their understanding of the power of execution management. Whereas with a “basic” solution, new features might not be available without time-consuming and expensive development, in the case of a feature-rich solution, features can be simply turned on via configuration or permissions when desired.

So when looking for a simple, straight-forward execution management solution, don’t ignore those with a long list of features. But do find out if the solution can be simplified via configuration and permissions, and ask for a demonstration to see how your needs can be meet in the simplest manner possible.

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