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Why Invest in Mobile Workforce Management: A Strategic Business Partner’s Perspective

Having led labor management efforts in both large and small organizations helps inform my perspective working for Logile. We see ourselves as a strategic partner to our clients and we are proud of our offerings as, I am sure, my peers in other WFM companies are too.

One of the things we owe our clients is the ability to look ahead, to focus on future opportunities and to develop and guide the pathways to fulfilling those needs and expectations. In Labor Management, and more broadly in store planning and retail operations management support – a footprint we are expanding beyond WFM. Our view of the future indicates that we will see more change at an even faster pace. Competition will only increase in online and in as brick and mortar environments. Promotions will also change to become more targeted, more personally focused.

Success will entail building and retaining customers in a more competitive environment where more things become commodities for price comparison, and where the differentiation of your brand in curated assortment, services, price/value, shopping experience (whether self-service or service assisted), shopping location (whether brick and mortar, online or both) is the key to survive and thrive. No matter how you define it, service will be a compelling differentiator but with a broader overall meaning. Friendly associates are no substitute for out of stock conditions or orders delivered too late.

It’s easy to see some businesses laying better groundwork for this future than others. Few companies want the pain of the bleeding edge, but a strategy of just trying to catch with the advancements of your competitors is not going to establish a base of strength. As with armies on a battlefield, retail competition is all about position in the market and the tools and tactics to advance and defend.

At Logile, we believe you should think about mobile as game-changing technology for workforce management and store operations. It’s a fundamental shift in the platform that will enable better planning to deliver simpler and easier guidance to your troops in your stores.

Mobile is revolutionary. It can deliver meaningful alerts, and prioritized action-items to your people instead of having valuable guidance sitting in their inbox.  Exception based alerts requiring management action must flow to your people, wherever they are. This guidance must be focused and directive, empowering them to take action.

Such a capability makes it possible for your newer managers to be just as focused on those priority items, as your best managers do in leveraging their deeper operational experience. Just think about what that means for your brand effectiveness and for safeguarding customer service to all your customers: morning, afternoon or evening; weekday or weekend.

Mobility for Store Planning and Execution can:

Look at how mobile convenience has moved into every aspect of modern living. Your children have a tough time imagining a world without the convenience and access of mobile technology. Is there any reason to think that this infrastructure, this platform and virtual language for getting things done in your personal life will not bare fruit in your business growth? As a vehicle for associate empowerment, mobile is an incredible opportunity to revitalize your efforts to detail and differentiate your operational execution strategies.

The wave of change with mobile can also help organizations who have not put focused attention on workforce management, detailing store operational standards, and developing stronger capacitates for workforce planning and execution of your brand. With new connectivity to your associates, and the ability to take the tools onto the sales floor, mobile offers more than just a fresh face for your WFM toolbox. It’s an opportunity to engage, set new goals, clarify the vision, assess sacred cows, and sharpen tools that have already proven valuable. Not often do you get an upgrade that can offer a new layer of benefit driven through existing tools you have already paid for.

At Logile, we work to ensure that our clients are armed with more than buggy whips and a plan to just work last year harder and faster – again. We are committed to advance operational planning and store execution to support the success of your brand and help deliver your financial objectives.

Mobile has already changed the game. We can help you change with it and to enhance your speed, flexibility, and service offerings on this innovative platform. You can wait to follow, or, you can define your business as a leader in terms that offer new ways to differentiate your business for success.

We can help you take the next steps, but the timing is up to you. Let’s get the conversation started.

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