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Logile sponsors joint US-China Robotics Team, excels at World Championships

Logile, Inc. was a proud sponsor of team VEX United at the VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School Division World Championships this past weekend in Louisville, KY. VEX United is the first ever joint US-International team to compete at VEX Worlds. The team is made up of elementary school students from Pittsburgh, PA (Team RobotiX) and Xi’an, China (China Robot C). The team’s logo is a Yin Yang symbol with the US and China flags on each half. The team used email, social media, instant messaging, and video conferencing to collaborate and share their research and robot design ideas. The result of their hard work was a World Championship performance.

This year’s VEX IQ Challenge Elementary division consisted of 150 teams from 31 different countries. The 2016 VEX IQ Challenge was called Bankshot.

The object of the game was to move plastic balls from a game board into a scoring area or shoot the balls into a basket for extra points. The competition consisted of three robot challenges and a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) research project.

Their STEM research project, the Science of Concussions, was recognized as one of the top at the competition. The team presented their research on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Concussions. The team selected concussions as their topic because three of the team members had concussions as a result of sports related activities. As part of the research, the team met some of the leading physicians in the area of head and concussion injuries, including Dr. Edward Snell, the Head Team Physician for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The team received demonstrations of how technology is being used to baseline and measure concussion recovery. The team designed a prototype cap that provides compression and cooling to the users head to help alleviate concussion symptoms.

For the robot challenges, there was a Skills competition where each team competes independently, a Teamwork challenge where two teams compete together, and a Programming challenge where the robot competes autonomously. VEX United delivered an impressive performance by placing first in Programming, third in Skills, and fifth in the Teamwork challenges.

Logile congratulates the team and coaches of VEX United for their hard work and performance at VEX Worlds.

Logile, Inc. is a provider of workforce management and execution compliance solutions, encompassing both best practices consulting and planning and execution software applications, that enable companies to maximize efficiency, customer service and profitability. Logile employs staff throughout the US, including Pittsburgh, PA and Jinan, China.

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