Incident and Queue Management

Efficiently organize and manage in-store tasks with incident management and queue management.

Your stores are where everything happens. Now you have an ever-expanding set of store task and communication management solutions to help you execute flawlessly and streamline operations.

Incident management

Traditional task management focuses on task distribution from corporate offices to stores. Incident Management allows stores to initiate tasks at store level to address operational challenges such as necessary equipment repairs, special maintenance needs or vendor issues. The mobile app creates a ticket and routes to the appropriate corporate contact to expedite the solution. Stores retain visibility throughout the process into ticket status, where it is routed, and direction provided by corporate resources.

  • Text and image captures facilitate detailed communication and clarification
  • Enables best-practice issue handling for cost containment and informed decision making
  • Supports timely issue resolution when stores must engage corporate resources
  • Ensures that the right people get the ticket and the best resources are engaged to resolve problems
  • Saves store time and the hassle of redundant communication to voice and track resolution status

Queue management

Most front end registers have visible customer queuing, but this is not always true with food service or other service counters. When the queue is not obvious, your customers want assurance they will receive fair, timely service based on their arrival and entry into the collective queue.

Logile Queue Management supports queue entry and ticket printing with wait time expectations. Our solution brings you more than typical systems to accurately predict wait times for customers entering the queue. It tracks each customer through the queue and develops detailed reporting to summarize customer activity including average time per order, average time in queue, average length of queue and more. Additionally, our screens for counter personnel and management show who is working on what customer and signal servicing the next customer in queue when ready.

  • Monitors queue performance and engages managers when configured alert conditions are violated
  • Provides time-stamped activity records and fact-based analysis to improve performance and enable more accurate forecasts and scheduling at the 15- minute interval level
  • Facilitates better customer service at service counters, which are essential components of profitable sales and brand image for customer loyalty

Key Benefits

  • Enables additional solution-based applications to leverage the same familiar platform for faster deployment, less training, and avoidance of unique equipment for each app
  • Manages best-practice routines you define for each app for consistent application across the enterprise
  • Avoids redundant communication to resolve issues in a timely manner with greater accountability for task completion
  • Has specialized tasks designed to perform the work of each application
  • Offers task templates and industry-typical examples for faster deployment and finetuning of task routines rather than creating each program from scratch
  • Industry-typical templates leverage industry best practice and focus on high-priority areas for benefit capture
  • All apps have templates with built-in stakeholder reporting and dashboard display of KPI performance as appropriate
  • Enables performance compliance and performance management reporting of both stores and corporate resources engaged in task resolution
  • Apps addressing customer experience standardize and create fact-based performance records for actual customer service experience
  • Supports fact-based finetuning of service staffing and initiatives to boost sales, manage labor and achieve brand service objectives

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