Store Conditions & Compliance

Systematically communicate, guide and reinforce task compliance and brand imperatives around store conditions, facility management, merchandising execution, and other routines across your enterprise.

It can be daunting to build and track all the tasks required to assure compliance around operational execution for store conditions and merchandising standards. Don’t begin with a blank slate. Our Store Conditions & Compliance solution brings you dozens of customizable templates developed in collaboration with many retailers and our own experts who are former retail practitioners. This saves you time while leveraging many lessons learned in managing compliance tasks as you also benefit from effective mobile communication and execution management.

Count on comprehensive store conditions and compliance from start to finish

Define and communicate tasks assigned to a role (individual, group or department) with the option to reissue or escalate uncompleted tasks. You can easily monitor task status with dashboard views for stakeholders to understand compliance status as well as responses to task questions as the work progresses. Task reporting enables performance management scoring, so you effectively allocate coaching and support resources where most needed.

Best practices streamline your routines

  • Full mobility enables compliance on the sales floor, not tied to desks
  • Flexible task types support a variety of needs: store walks, audits, surveys, on-demand activities, one-time store tasks, product recalls, etc.
  • Verification options for tasks like picture captures, comments capture, bar code reader, etc. to validate store response accuracy
  • Captures time stamps and automates logs associated with store conditions (sweep logs, bathroom inspections, common area checks, parking lot inspections, etc.)
  • Trigger tasks ensure appropriate follow-up based on configured company best practices
  • Management escalation and alerts

Key Benefits

  • Single sign-on ease of use and task assignment by role leveraging permissions and scope setup from other Logile solutions
  • Supports all aspects of in-store execution of store conditions, merchandising and customer service standards for all departments
  • Easy task setup with customized task design and associated reporting built in as appropriate to task type
  • Contains numerous industry-typical task templates that can be modified to your needs or serve as examples to create your own tasks
  • Enables creation of system-based task routines for the maintenance of store walks, safety walks, workplace organization, out-of-stocks, common area maintenance and other routines as needed
  • Standardizes task routines across a large enterprise but allows for customization by org hierarchy, unique stores or ad hoc store cluster groups that you define
  • Improved efficiency, tracking and compliance of task routines and audit results through stakeholder reporting and KPI dashboard metrics
  • Visibility into each store's performance by tasks or in total for day or week to identify high and low performers and focus resource support
  • Drives quantifiable measurement of store and manager performance for performance management

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