Inventory Management

Get the ultimate, complete solution for advanced store inventory planning and optimization.

Inventory management is about having the right product, in the right location, in the right quantity, at the right time, with the right merchandising standards for customer satisfaction.

Logile’s unique solution delivers a complete inventory management ecosystem focused on the store, from configuration and training, to stock management, to ordering and fulfillment. Optimize the last leg of supply chain execution with a seamless system designed for store-level usability and powered by Logile’s industry-leading forecasting accuracy—the heart of efficient inventory replenishment.

Just the highlights: Why Logile Inventory Management?

  • Unifies forecasting across business units to align and optimize labor and inventory
  • Manages on-hand perpetual inventory for all products in real time
  • Delivers breakthrough forecast accuracy with layered forecasting, bottom-up item-level forecasting, and top-down reconciliation with category and sub-category forecasts
  • Creates a unified platform for all components of fresh item production planning, recipe management, nutritional management, batching, batch sequencing and production fulfillment with food safety compliance
  • Enables computer assisted ordering (CAO) or computer generated ordering (CGO) for both perishable and dry goods
  • Integrates and optimizes all systems impacting inventory management within the store
  • Features advanced system design including:
    • Yield-based algorithms focused on optimizing inventory cost while improving product freshness and inventory turns
    • Big data architecture for superior response and processing time
    • Insightful dashboard performance analytics
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Key Benefits

  • Optimizes on-hand inventory
  • Delivers real-time inventory visibility to support e-ordering and fulfillment
  • Reduces labor handling of excess inventory
  • Decreases shrink
  • Improves product freshness
  • Increases inventory turns
  • Reduces out of stocks
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Automates store ordering
  • Provides BI for assortment planning, category management, space, price and promotional optimization
  • Reduces backroom inventory and handling costs
  • Reinforces store-level best practices
  • Improves cash flow and capital utilization from less inventory

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