Time & Attendance

Manage, track and process employee time and attendance with traditional or mobile clocks.

An accurate, compliant time and attendance system is imperative. With our Time & Attendance solution, you can configure pay, attendance, access control, benefit and time-keeping rules, governmental regulations and your business-defined policies to ensure compliance and consistency.

Logile Time & Attendance enables your enterprise to automate the collection, calculation and reporting of accurate employee work transaction data. You’ll streamline the entire pay process, improve productivity and reduce IT costs.

Dynamically process all time entries and edits in real time across your business

  • Open, multi-level, hierarchical organization structure supports organizations with multiple stores in multiple states.
  • Provides a rule-based engine and user-friendly workbench for adding, removing and updating time and attendance rules, so you can evaluate the impact when changes are made.
  • Centralizes management of complex rules, including vacation bidding, FLSA compliance, minor employee labor laws, federal, state and local labor laws, safety requirements, and multiple school calendars.
  • Supports multiple data collection technologies and integrates seamlessly with your existing timeclocks—and also with any internet-capable device, including VoIP enabled telephones—for flexible time entry options.
  • Flexible rules calculation engine
  • Labor distribution, location and job transfer capabilities
  • Accurate schedule costing
  • Manages by exception through Crew Sheet and Dashboard modules
  • Supports unlimited number of pay rules, earning codes and labor levels
  • Streamlined end-of-week payroll approval process
  • Powerful and automated reporting capabilities
  • Extensive minor compliance management
  • Corporate-defined views and capabilities
  • Associate self-service allows for recording transactions and review of timecard and schedule

Turn any mobile device into a timeclock

Logile Clock transforms your mobile device to deliver cost-effective, responsive time and attendance that is flexible, smart and compliant to give you maximum agility and freedom.

Logile Clock transforms your mobile device to deliver cost-effective, responsive time and attendance. Complete with interpretive support for attestation and predictive scheduling, our mobile clock is flexible, smart and compliant to give you maximum agility and freedom.

Key benefits

  • Reduced overtime and labor costs
  • Streamlined administrative processing
  • Accurately manages time clock punches and pay totalization for payroll
  • Integrates with HR/payroll system of your choice
  • Integrated analytics allows for real-time data projections with proactive, actionable metrics to monitor and alert management to critical performance data that affect labor and profitability
  • Timely rollup of hours and payroll for KPI reporting on dashboards
  • Schedule adherence enforcement including time clock lockouts and reporting
  • Manages attendance programs and exception report including system alerts
  • Alerts associated with open or missing punches
  • Full audit trail management associated with all manual punches or changes
  • Document and report on break punches if required or desired
  • Special monitoring and alerts for minor and predictive scheduling rule violations
  • Monitoring of completed work and remaining schedule to alert for approaching overtime or violation of part-time to full-time threshold
  • Archives data as needed for wage and hours compliance
  • Supports a workflow for associate review, signoff or attestation of compliance with all policies

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