Improved operation efficiency for Lowes

“Logile demonstrated their unique ability to improve our operating efficiency by generating very accurate sales and labor forecasts and by scheduling our hosts at the task level across all of our stores’ departments. The increased efficiency and more precise staffing will allow our hosts to spend more time engaging with guests and in making their shopping a true pleasure and not a task.”

Mike Clawson, Senior Vice President, Lowes Foods

“To support the implementation of Logile’s software solutions, we have engaged Logile’s retail industrial engineers to work directly with our corporate and store leaders and hosts to implement the proven principles of 5-S Workplace Organization, Efficient Work Methods, and Engineered Labor Standards in all of our stores. The results of our collaboration will yield greater productivity, customer service, safety, and host job satisfaction and personal ownership.”

Jamie Edwards, Manager of Labor Scheduling, Lowes Foods

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