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Price Chopper Selects Logile, Inc. for Workforce and Execution Management Solutions

Logile, Inc., a provider of next generation Real-Time Enterprise Workforce and Execution Management solutions, today announced that Golub Corporation, a premier grocer in the Northeast, is expanding its deployment of Logile’s solutions. Over the next twelve months, Golub will implement Logile’s complete suite of solutions at all 119 of its Price Chopper supermarkets, adding Employee Self-Service™, Optimized Dispatch Labor Scheduling™ (which is now referred to as Wall-to-Wall Labor Scheduling), Time and Attendance™, Task and Operations Management™ (now referred to as Task Execution and Communication Management or EC5™), and Dynamic Re-forecasting and Re-scheduling™ (now referred to as Real-Time Re-Forecasting™) modules to the previously deployed Enterprise Labor Model™, Interaction Calendar™, Sales and Labor Planning™, Execution Compliance™, and Enterprise Performance Management and Reporting™ modules.

David Golub, Golub Corporation’s Vice President of Store Operations commented, “We decided to expand our relationship with Logile based on the cost savings we have realized from our implementation of Logile’s core labor planning and analytics modules. Despite the condition of the economy, we believe that companies who invest in customer-focused solutions, with a long-term view, will continue to grow and strengthen their operations, providing them a better competitive position than those who do not. With Logile’s complete solution, we will have a closed-loop workforce and execution management solution that covers the full labor management spectrum, from understanding our labor requirements, to planning and scheduling, to monitoring execution, to responding to changing business conditions, all in real-time.”

Greg Zeh, Golub Corporation’s Vice President of Information Systems explained, “The jointly developed Logile application suite contains a series of complementary modules that provide us with a common and consistent understanding of labor requirement across our store operations. The complete suite will allow us to proactively manage our labor in real-time, resulting in incremental labor savings while improving the service of our customers and enhancing the overall shopping experience. We have worked with Logile to develop a solution which allows us to put the right associates in the right place, at the right time working on the right things to provide optimized service to our customers.”

Logile’s Optimized Dispatch Labor Scheduling™ and Dynamic Re-Forecasting and Re-Scheduling™ modules generate highly optimized, wall-to-wall schedules that can be dynamically rescheduled at the day-in-progress and week-in-progress levels, further optimizing labor usage to respond to changing business conditions. The Logile solution also provides unique functionality that allows associates to be scheduled across multiple departments, across neighboring stores, or dispatched in real-time to respond to changing actual conditions that vary from plan.

According to Thom Riley, Golub Corporation’s Manager of Store Business Systems, “Logile’s solutions will allow our store managers to spend more time on the sales floor working with associates and customers and less time in the back office adjusting associates’ schedules in reaction to changing business conditions. In addition, with Logile’s Employee Self-Service™ module, store associates will have the flexibility to manage their schedule preferences via cell phone, personal computer or in-store kiosk. It’s a win for our customers and associates.”

Mark Boucher, Golub Corporation’s Vice President of Store Operations’ Administration added that, “With Logile’s customizable workflow engine, we can create, distribute and manage tasks, conduct store audits and respond to unplanned exceptions consistently across the company. Using Logile’s solution and our existing store handheld computers, we will have real-time visibility to task compliance, improve execution of corporate directives and realize higher sales, improved margins, and greater customer satisfaction.”

Purna Mishra, President of Logile, commented, “It is an honor to expand our collaboration with the Golub Corporation. The implementation of our complete workforce and execution management solution will further extend the financial and customer service benefits achieved during previous engagements. Due to our innovative software design and rapid deployment model, Price Chopper will enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership in the workforce productivity software market.”

About Golub Corporation

Based in Schenectady, NY, the Golub Corporation owns and operates 119 Price Chopper grocery stores in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The family-owned company prides itself on longstanding traditions of innovative food merchandising, leadership in community service, and cooperative employee relations. Golub’s approximately 24,000 associates collectively own 51% of the company’s privately held stock. For additional information, visit www.pricechopper.com.

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