Josh Ciampini

Vice President – Operational Excellence

Josh Ciampini leads a team of industrial engineers who help businesses achieve operational excellence. With a background in large cap management consulting, Josh has a proven track record of driving industrial engineering principles across a breadth of industries and geographic regions. His expertise in productivity analysis, customer experience, process improvement and work measurement drives value for clients in reducing operating spend, improving employee satisfaction and increasing top-line sales.

Josh is a committed industrial engineering leader who serves on advisory boards at Slippery Rock University and within the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. He consistently seeks to stay on the forefront of industrial engineering innovations and industry trends. While he specializes in retail labor planning, Josh has worked with businesses across the supply chain, hospitality and manufacturing industries.

Josh has built a multi-national team of industrial engineering professionals who differentiate Logile from other workforce management providers as a holistic solutions partner. He is passionate about helping clients plan for and build the right labor programs.

Josh is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where he maintains close partnerships with the department of engineering.

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