Customer success is our top priority. We’re here to help you succeed. At Logile, we are dedicated to helping you reach your workforce management goals. Our training takes a proactive approach, providing learnings for our customers at the beginning of a project or rollout and throughout their labor optimization journey. We also offer industry training via our WFM Academy. Our goal is to transform the training experience into a meaningful learning experience that helps your team create a capable, confident and high-performing workplace.

No other offering packs in this much know-how

Whether you are preparing individuals for ongoing ownership of labor management components or training them to deploy your system to stores, WFM Academy delivers the most comprehensive offering to quickly turbocharge your team.

  • Built by senior labor professionals from operational, industrial engineering and technical backgrounds
  • Summarizes years of labor management expertise in an easy-to-understand, visual and engaging learning process
  • Access to a facilitator who can answer your questions and address your unique considerations

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