Manage store associate communications and ensure your critical messages are delivered and received.

In everyday operations, too many email, text and phone messages end up buried and overlooked. But an overlooked communication during an emergency can be disastrous.

Bottom line: Retail stores need the infrastructure to streamline and assure both routine and crisis communications for responsive, effective and safe operations.

Ensure your associates never miss key communications

Logile Enterprise Associate Communication delivers the strategic infrastructure for routine messaging and the foundation for emergency communications when tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms or community health directives require urgent digital communication between your company and associates.

Using our employee portal as a base, our communication solution reaches out directly to your workforce via in-app messaging. Important information reaches associates quickly and reliably, for both day-to-day workforce management and emergency protocols, leveraging three communication vehicles:

  • Alert messages or notifications
  • Message board postings: Digital bulletin board to house documents, videos, images, etc.
  • Store Talk: Group interactive chat communications

Routine Communications

Efficiently manage your everyday operational communications:

  • Store/team/department messages
  • Promotional events
  • Community activities
  • Major weather events
  • Extra help needed across stores or regions
  • Policy changes
  • Birthday or work anniversary messages

Emergency Notifications

During emergency situations like global pandemic or natural disaster, regular outreach is not enough. When health and safety are on the line, you need immediate alerts, response and action. Our Emergency Notifications cut out the noise using push to device notification requiring confirmation and completion. Employees receive your urgent-alert messages on their mobile devices and must acknowledge receipt before using the device for other purposes.

Use push to device to send crisis management communications:

  • Message from CEO about the pandemic or crisis
  • New hours of operations due to emergency
  • New crisis cleaning and safety protocols
  • Daily changes to item limits
  • Employee thanks and morale boosting

Key Benefits

  • Digital interactive communication keeps associates informed daily and in times of emergency
  • Alerts, message board and group chat flexibility
  • Improved associate engagement and satisfaction
  • Provides the ability for the business to muster associate resources as needed during weather or other emergencies
  • Enables information distribution to associates
  • Augments traditional breakroom bulletin boards with dynamic presentation of notices including store events, work anniversaries, birthdays and associate recognition
  • Creates a more open and positive culture including meeting the needs of Gen X and Gen Z associates for greater engagement and retention
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in information distribution and job administration activities

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