Real-Time Store Operations Management

Reforecast demand and proactively adjust staffing in real time on the store floor.

Things don’t always go to plan. One employee calls in sick, and another one leaves early on personal emergency. Maybe store traffic is busier than anticipated due to a neighborhood power outage. While anything can and does happen, your managers are enabled to keep operations on track with our fully mobile, real-time Store Operations Management solution.

Smart, continuous reforecasting for agile operations

Real-time reforecasting delivers immediate insight into current trends to determine impact to labor utilization and expense targets. With this visibility, managers can seamlessly and quickly make the adjustments needed to keep plans and actual results in alignment.

Dynamic reforecasting algorithms support day-in-progress and week-in-progress forecast accuracy assessments. Your managers are guided through the process to adjust work plans and schedules to optimize service and labor performance. Update and move task priorities within the day or week to optimize labor utilization. For ongoing improvement, the solution stores reforecast recommendations for future refinements in scheduling decisions and algorithm updates.

Mobile operations management designed for use on the sales floor

The functionality of many scheduling systems ends when you post the schedule, simply punting the ball to a time and attendance solution to record what happens. We believe that pre-schedule planning and best placement of the scheduled hours is critical. But when employees ask for late swaps, someone quits or runs late, new promotions are added, or the weather just took a turn for the worse, is it time to throw out your plan? With our solution, you can revise your plan and meet these challenges to effectively respond to change.

Our Operations Management solution works with real-time integration to Time & Attendance. Managers use a single solution that pulls all relevant data from all modules into one easy-to-use mobile interface. In a nutshell, Operations Management offers your managers the tools they need to execute your brand, making smart adjustments as needed, in real time.

What does it include?

  • State of the store: KPIs for the week in progress, hours over or under by department, daily reforecast for consideration
  • Employee roster: Who is working now and what are their assignments including visibility into deviations from the schedule (late or early punches, etc.)
  • Clipboard work list: Department and employee work assignments and the status of completion, consolidating corporate tasks with those from the labor model, task apps (like Food Safety or Store Conditions & Compliance), and store-created tasks
  • Week projected summary: A view of how the week will end combining actuals thus far with the remaining days as currently planned
  • Reforecast recommendations: The ability to change your sales plan for the remaining days based on the latest data, trends, weather and new events
  • Attendance violations: Consolidated summary of configured violations with drill-down access to the timecards involved
  • Visual status maps: For department task completion, Food Safety temperature check compliance, Food Safety cleaning and sanitation protocols, etc.
  • Queue monitoring status: Current queue experience for service counters in Deli, Meat, etc.
  • Other: Additional views you want available to managers, such as security camera output

Key Benefits

  • Store operations management driven by real-time information
  • Mobile solution keeps managers out on the floor where they are most needed
  • Continuous reforecasting to guide staffing decisions that enable plan revisions due to last-minute weather, traffic, or promotions and suggests schedule revisions
  • Concise mobile platform to manage the day in progress and week in progress
  • System alerts for manager action driven by proprietary AI logic to guide your best practices
  • Outlook reporting totals actuals to date and remaining forecast and schedule to anticipate week totals and guide necessary changes
  • Consolidates data from all modules and apps in one place
  • Agility to proactively respond to events and adjust to unforeseen events by revising, not abandoning the plan
  • Enables labor cost control while sustaining improved customer service
  • Summary task status reporting for all departments so managers know when departments are falling behind
  • Captures management actions taken for coaching and development
  • Supports access to other systems on the platform, like security cameras, refrigeration monitoring, back door monitoring, etc.

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