Don't Fall Back Into Poor Workforce Planning Habits

Don’t “Fall Back” Into Poor Workforce Planning Habits: Fall Forward Instead

Many retail activities are seasonal, but systematic workforce management upkeep delivers benefits all year long. This post explains ways to keep tabs on your workforce systems for optimal results. Fall forward for year-round success!

Retail Labor Efficiency Think Lean

Want Higher Retail Labor Efficiency? Get Lean With Your Thinking

Some companies don’t have the right tools in place, while others have what they need, but their organizational or maintenance tactics are so loose that they burn money on stalled production. This post reviews the effects of great equipment maintenance and organization, as well as how this affects workforce labor efficiency, through a topic called lean.

Effective Retail Reporting KPI Measurement Tips

Setting Labor Expectations and Effective Retail Reporting: KPIs and Measurement Tips

Whatever your approach to setting labor expectations, it is important to think through how, why and what you need to capture. To help you improve performance and analysis, we’ve compiled some tips and key reporting considerations to give you a good start in bolstering your reporting game!

Setting Labor Expectations Managing Labor

Setting Labor Expectations and Effective Retail Reporting: Managing Labor

Labor management and reporting are complex functions. It helps to break down some of the elements to understand how they work and where they fit within a retail organization’s operations. In this post, we explore common approaches to measuring labor performance and goals.

Impact of Higher Labor Costs in Retail

The New Normal: The Impact of Higher Labor Costs in Retail

Dan Bursik, Vice President of Product Management

No one will disagree that higher labor costs are here to stay for retailers. There are many contributing factors: aging baby boomers, competition for retail workers between employers, elimination of high-hour “almost full-time” part-time jobs that don’t trigger full-time benefits, etc. A constant Read more

Retail Transformation From Data to Systems Thinking

Retail Transformation: Shifting From Data Analysis to Systems Thinking

Julie Bushee, Retail Labor Manager

In the ideal retail situation, labor analysts can focus their attention on data interpretation, allowing their information technology to do heavy data mining. Alas, this is rare. Many labor teams require analysts to gather and shape data prior to analysis. In the worst-case scenarios, retailers have Read more

Labor Management Checklist

Notice to Update: The Labor Management Checklist

One overlooked best practice after retailers go live with their labor model is standard upkeep. Many will want to regularly ask, at minimum, these five questions to keep labor budgets and expectations excellent.

Improved Forecasting

Measuring and Managing Forecast Accuracy for Continuous Improvement

In my previous blogs related to effective forecasting I have covered several basic concepts that carry forward into this discussion. Whether you want to…

Improved Forecasting

Improved Forecasting Starts With Effective Data and Standard Modeling

In my last blog I talked about the need for accurate forecasting as a vital link in the chain of your labor management and operational planning and execution…

Improved Forecasting

Does Forecast Accuracy Really Matter In Your Organization?

You can’t create a good schedule from a bad forecast. That’s the plain and simple truth in effective labor management and labor scheduling. If the goal is…