Articles by Kyle Ferlic

5 minute read

Psychology, Technology and a New Retail Standard

Today’s consumers expect just enough (not too little or too much) from retailers. Brick-and-mortar businesses can find this sweet spot through customer-facing and store planning technology, which collectively produce flow. How does flow work?

5 minute read

Is the High Street Experiencing its Epilogue?

Brick-and-mortar retailers on the UK’s high street are suffering. Like a ghost town, thousands of physical locations have been left barren. However, with the right set of adaptations, stores are not doomed in the UK or abroad. Here’s why.

6 minute read

Are You a Servant or Leader?

You probably read the title of this blog post and answered, “That is an easy question – I am a leader.” Pause there with me. I’ll say that by “servant,” I didn’t mean follower…

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