Previsión precisa y programación automatizada para Big Y

«The decision to replace our legacy WFM software with Logile’s solution was an easy one to make. The Logile team demonstrated their superiority by using two years of our historical sales and item movement data to produce very accurate forecasts (at 15 minute intervals) and then they generated employee schedules that allowed us to leverage our key employees to work across multiple departments. Their combination of incredibly accurate forecasting and automated scheduling has enabled us to schedule the right employees, performing the right tasks at the right times in every department. Their solutions have enabled us to improve our operating efficiency while simultaneously improving customer service throughout our stores.  Our employees have also been delighted with Logile’s employee self-service solution that allows them to use their personal mobile devices to check their work schedules, submit time off requests, swap and bid on shifts, and to see their time clock entries, hours worked, and gross pay  in real time.»

Former Director of Workforce Management, Big Y

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